The Ten Commandments of Knitting

Thou shalt not buy 100% Acrylic Yarn

Thou shalt knit in public without fear of being called a Grannie

Thou shalt finish ALL projects

Thou shalt be sure to use the loveliest tools that you can afford

Thou shalt knit by hand (machine knitting is for commerce)

Thou shalt always unpick (unravel) mistakes and begin again until it is right (broken this one already myself - oops!)

Thou shalt teach thy son’s to knit

Thou shalt experiment - ALWAYS

Thou shalt not kill moths even when they have chewed at your pure wool cable coat that took you a year to finish

Thou shalt place ALL old and tatty garments on an alter and light candles and burn incense in their honour, before unpicking them and making something else with the yarn (waste not, want not!)